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Kate Kellum

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Game days, particularly football game days, at division one universities generate a great deal of waste. At the University of Mississippi, the amount of waste generated on home football game Saturdays has been increasing. Increasing recycling by spectators may decrease the amount of waste generated and reduce the negative environmental impact of game days. The purpose of this case study was to explore the development and evaluation of interventions that may be effective for increasing recycling behaviors. Various interventions were implemented at each game of the 2012 season. Recyclables were collected and waste was measured following each game. Games with only the use of education and direct prompting had the lowest recycling rates. There were higher rates of recycling found when more interventions were used. Higher rates were also found when incentives were available for recycling. The findings suggested that incentives may be a good motivator for behavior change among sports fans. The findings also suggest that universities should explore using a wide variety of recycling interventions simultaneously.

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