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The following thesis presents a curriculum for beginning percussion as a part of a beginning band program that incorporates the guidelines and recommendations found in the National Core Music Standards. The presentation of this curriculum is divided into three chapters, each of which of contains practical information for music educators charged with the instruction of beginning percussionists. The first of these chapters describes how the standards for music education were developed and outlines the information contained within the National Core Music Standards as well as the additional standards that accompany this information. In the second chapter, the information from Chapter I is adapted to meet the specific needs of a beginning percussion curriculum. Finally, in Chapter III, the principles outlined in the preceding chapter are used to develop a daily lesson plan and a year-long curricular schedule. Much of the information used to produce this thesis comes directly from the authors of the music education standards and their governing organization, the National Association for Music Educators. The remaining sources of data for this project include pedagogical texts and teaching tools. While the curriculum presented in this thesis is designed for use in the beginning percussion classroom, many of the governing principles can be adapted for use in other areas of study as well. If used correctly, this curriculum will allow to teachers to easily plan lessons that are high enjoyable and effective. Also, the use of this curriculum will produce students who enjoy playing music and who are well-rounded percussionists as well as strong musicians.

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