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Pharmacy Administration

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Alicia Bouldin

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Pharmacy students are often defined by their tests scores and grade point averages with too few people willing to acknowledge students' feelings of satisfaction and involvement that may or may not be related to their performance in school. A desire to increase students' test scores often surpasses the desire to increase their satisfaction despite satisfaction being directly related to student success. This cross-sectional study therefore serves to determine how Students of Pharmacy are spending their time both in and out of the School of Pharmacy and whom they're choosing to spend it with, in hopes of identifying contributing factors to a student's involvement and satisfaction with and through the University of Mississippi's School of Pharmacy to hopefully be able to better improve students' experiences and success in school. This study uses a self-administered online survey given to 3rd year Early Entry students and 1st and 2nd year professional students at the University of Mississippi's School of Pharmacy. This study includes questions relating to how students spend their time (and how much of it) in and out of the School of Pharmacy and assesses their social involvement along with their satisfaction with both collegiate life and the pharmacy program here at the university. Membership in different organizations, time spent physically in the pharmacy building, and peer interactions proved to be the biggest predictors of pharmacy students' satisfaction and involvement. Students and faculty should work together to foster a welcoming environment and create increased opportunities for student interactions.

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