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Integrated Marketing Communication

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Christina Sparks

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Recent research reveals that the state of Mississippi ranks among other states as the highest in obesity and ADHD and among the lowest in education. These rankings negatively affect the state as a whole by associating Mississippi with an image of being unhealthy and unintelligent. Studies show that physical activity is related to the brain and its processes, so there is obviously a connection between Mississippi's high obesity and ADHD rates and inferior education. However, teachers are unaware of the relevance of the connection between movement, high levels of obesity, low education rates, and high levels of ADHD; thus, they are not incorporating movement into their lesson plans. The purpose of this research is to analyze the connection between physical activity and learning as well as explore possible solutions to integrate the two. A new campaign entitled Brains in Motion will be created and assessed to determine effectiveness. The objective of Brains in Motion is to influence teachers to incorporate more movement and physical activity in the classroom and to develop a campaign that shows teachers how easily this can be done in order to solve the problems Mississippi faces due to a lack of movement. This research analyzes previous campaigns and survey insights to uncover the opportunities Brains in Motion should capitalize on in order to be successful. Brains in Motion is a fictional movement campaign that features all of its resources on its membership website. The program aims to be the teacher's assistant and best friend in the classroom with its premade videos, movement activities, and lesson plans that are easily accessible online. Teachers do not have to go out of their way to incorporate movement in their classrooms because Brains in Motion is simple and easy to use. Brains in Motion matches the grade level and classroom content to its resources, so the activities are relevant to all teachers and students. The research revealed that teachers are aware of the need for movement in the classroom, but are not motivated to utilize the connection in their classrooms. Brains in Motion aims to increase awareness as well as motivate and demonstrate to teachers what needs to be done to help students achieve their full potential.

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