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Unsettle Me

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Undergraduate Thesis



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Ben McClelland

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This book is about my journey of faith in Jesus Christ during my undergraduate studies at the University of Mississippi. I read memoirs about others' spiritual journeys and studied their writing styles and storytelling methods before beginning my own memoir about my moments of spiritual unsettledness in school. I am convinced that the college experience, if whole-heartedly embraced, changes people. As a student, I have grown personally, cognitively, socially, and culturally in four years, such a short time for such change and growth. But I have especially grown spiritually because of my experiences in college. Questions have arisen about my faith that do not have easy answers, maybe no answers at all. I have learned more about why I need a Savior and I have learned that I have so much more to learn about my Savior. I have changed my major to pursue my God-given passion rather than what I thought I was supposed to do to be successful. My idea of church has also transformed into something larger than the building itself. This book reflects on those pivotal moments of my faith in college. In conclusion, I have found that, if I am willing to work out my salvation, God is willing to work in me to reveal more about himself and about the mystery of Jesus Christ.



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