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Art and Art History

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Philip Jackson

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Microcosm is the amalgamation of my interests in biology, chemistry, and art. I am inspired by my collection of objects from nature, particularly my entomological collection, and use the inherent shapes and patterns to create abstracted images drawing exclusively from life renderings, observations, and scientific research. Using a variety of different textures and techniques, mainly encaustic medium, I explore different applications of this medium to represent a sense of the object that I observe while painting. By painting on small wooden panels, I hope to recreate a sense of my small, intimate objects while also keeping a natural feel. Each of my collected objects functions as a shell, or vessel, that contains valuable information and memories. As a child, I was always very observant and learned to appreciate the beauty of all life forms not only by experiencing nature but also by learning about it academically. Initially pursuing a degree in Biochemistry, my fascination with science slowly transformed, and my inveterate interests in the arts reemerged. To me, creating paintings using my collected objects helps me to discover new information while also reliving the fond memories from my childhood, keeping them preserved. Although my paintings are formally abstract, they originate from meticulous observation of the natural world using structural shapes and patterns. My intent with Microcosm is to instill within the viewer a sense of my carefully observed collection while also providing small, unnoticed details to discover when revisited.

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