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Victoria Dickinson

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This thesis follows eleven case studies examining various accounts of U.S. GAAP financial statements. Each case study represents a specific area of the financial statements, and each case uses a different company to analyze the accounts. Through the cases, commonly misstated items are explored. The purpose of this thesis is to determine the proper U.S. GAAP treatment of these items. The thesis explores all areas of the financial statements including accounts from both the income statement and balance sheet. The thesis was written during the Honors Accy 420 class during the academic year 2015-2016. The class allowed me to gain a deeper knowledge of the accountancy methods I learned in my junior level accountancy classes. The cases challenged me to think beyond the simple answers and engage in thought about complex accountancy issues. I learned to research using accountancy software, a skill I will take to my future career. In addition to the technical knowledge I gained, I honed my writing skills. In my future profession, I will be expected to write reports about my suggestion for accountancy treatments and this thesis has allowed me to practice this skill. The issues this thesis covers are complex, but learning to work through these problems has given me a deeper hands on education.

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