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Social media usage has drastically increased and has made interacting with a much larger number of people from around the world possible. Because social media has allowed increased interaction, blogging has been able to capitalize on this by building brand awareness and exposure in the market with more people as a result. This has also helped fashion blogging become a huge part of the fashion industry, with it now being viewed as a respectable facet of the industry. These people have become hugely influential in the fashion world, having been deemed the title of product influencers. Consumers become invested in bloggers largely because they view them as incredibly trustworthy and not trying to necessarily sell something for the sake of selling; they truly believe in and use the product/service being promoted. These blogs become a sense of community for readers, and readers look to them for advice on their product purchases. Advertisers and companies see how influential bloggers have become on the consumers they are trying to target. They now use these sites for their advertisements. Secondary research was conducted to learn more about what fashion blogging really is, why it is important, and who are the notable people in the industry. It was found that consumers read fashion blogs for various reasons, but they really like them for their relatability and authenticity. Many of the notable bloggers had a wide range of the number of followers. I also created my own blog, Style for Life, to showcase a personal fashion blog and to really see what it is like to be a fashion blogger.

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