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This thesis examines the work of Assia Djebar in terms of its context, content, and objectives. Djebar's writing is lyrical and captivating, yet its grounding in experience gives her words a quality of truth and wisdom. To fully understand the function of her work and the significance of its content, the context in which Djebar writes is momentous. Outlining a brief history of the Algerian woman's experience gives a practical understanding of the individual and collective struggles of Algerian women. The violent and unique participation of women in the Algerian War of Independence and their subsequent insignificance under the patriarchal rule of the new nation warrant exploration into the science and philosophies of trauma. An understanding of trauma and healing through testimony elucidates Djebar's own ambition to create a community of testimony amongst Algerian woman, both for individual healing and for a collective restoration to Algerian history. A explication of her film La Nouba des femmes du Mont Chenoua and her collection of short stories Women of Algiers in Their Apartment demonstrates her grasp of theories surrounding history and trauma; more importantly, they show her understanding and empathy for the Algerian women's experience. Djebar's texts have been circulating the hope, encouragement, and healing to all readers who read her words or hear her voice.

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