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The paper provides an overview of the olive oil trade between the city of Rome and its colony, Baetica, focusing on the 1st-3rd centuries AD. Topics covered include the procedure for making oil, a discussion of how the oil was packaged for shipment, hypotheses about what routes might have been taken to deliver each shipment, and estimates on the total consumption of Baetican oil in Rome. A special attention was placed on linking the records of people involved in the trade to their jobs and business functions. To accomplish this work, epigraphic records from statue bases, amphorae and dedicatory plaques were analyzed. Additional sources include excavation reports, maps, scientific data and ancient literature. Research involved integrating current research, drawing from sources produced in a variety of languages, the dominant Spanish, then English, Latin and Italian. In all, the paper represents a linking together of ancient sites, names and trade protocols in one place, resulting in an explanation of how the trade functioned, from production to consumption.

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