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Undergraduate Thesis


Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Nathan Hammer

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Mass spectrometry is typically employed for the elucidation and identification of elements and compounds. Its ability to select and isolate specific molecular clusters makes it an ideal tool for the fundamental spectroscopic study of the photophysical and geometric properties of molecules and molecular clusters. The design and construction of a reflectron time of flight mass spectrometer (reflectron TOF-MS) as well as its implementation for electronic and vibrational spectroscopic studies of various molecules and molecular clusters is discussed. The first chapter introduces basic theory related to electronic spectroscopy, multiphoton ionization, and vibrational spectroscopy. The second chapter entails the theoretical aspects of mass spectrometry required for the creation of molecular ion beams involved in TOF-MS. The third chapter contains the technical details of the construction and implementation of the many required components in a reflectron TOF-MS. The fourth chapter reports multiphoton ionization spectra of methyl iodide and data obtained while exploring the vibrational study of molecular ion clusters.

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Chemistry Commons



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