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Undergraduate Thesis


Communication Sciences and Disorders

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Robin Edge

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This thesis examined the roles of speech-language pathologists (SLPs) within aphasia therapy and rehabilitation. Research compiled in the literature review explained the disorder of aphasia, and the roles of SLPs when working with people who have aphaisa, as outlined in the ASHA policy document Roles of Speech-Language Pathologists in The Identification, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Individuals with Cognitive-Communication Disorders: Position Statement (2005b). This study investigated ASHA-certified, masters-level SLPs' preparedness to work with aphasia patients, as well as their familiarity of their roles and resonsibilities in aphasia therapy and rehabilitation, and their awareness of the possible forms of treatment for aphasia. An electronic survey was developed to investigate these three research questions and was emailed to 519 SLPs across the United States. One-hundred five (105) surveys were completed. The survey responses indicated that SLPs felt prepared to participate in aphasia rehabilitation upon receiving their CCC-SLP, and were also familiar with a majority of the roles and responsibilities of SLPs in aphasia rehabilitation. A majority of the SLPs surveyed were not aware of the broad range of treatment programs available for patients with aphasia. Further research is needed to investigate the possible correlation between graduate-level education in aphasia and participants' familiarity with the topic of aphasia.

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