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Undergraduate Thesis


Pharmacy Administration

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Donna West-Strum

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For the past 40 years the F. D. A. (Food and Drug Administration) has considered creating a third class of drugs in the United States of America that would be a pharmacist-only class which could only be sold with the approval of a pharmacist. Several things have inhibited its creation, the main one being the Durham-Humphrey Amendment which states that there are only two classes of drugs: prescription and over-the-counter. This has culminated into the development of the F.D.A.'s new paradigm, which is an expansion of the over-the-counter class of drugs to create and O.T.C.+ category. Community Pharmacists were interviewed in order to learn more about their knowledge and opinions of the new paradigm in order to measure the potential success of an O.T.C.+ class of drugs. Though many barriers were seen facing the implementation of the new paradigm, the majority of those interviewed believed it would be beneficial.

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