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Undergraduate Thesis


Business Administration

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Owens Alexander

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This thesis accompanies my BFA in Graphic Design visual thesis show debuting the brand and products of Lala Letter™, a planner and stationery company. The written portion of this thesis contains a business plan outlining the operational, financial, and marketing strategies and objectives for Lala Letter. It also includes an overview of the evolution of written planners and stationery and discusses the impact of the digital revolution on the paper industry. Lala Letter is a startup stationery company targeted to young college women who currently use a written planner; its primary product is aesthetically innovative weekly planner. The product line will also include other items such as notebooks, calendars, and cards. The planner and stationary industry is a highly-saturated market, but other than a variety of decorative design differences, planners have little innovative alterations across brands. Although the digital age has overcome many previously paper intensive duties (such as mail, word documents, financial papers, etc.), written planners have seen a digital resistance in the past few decades, favoring a traditional handheld paper book instead. The Lala Letter planner features a structurally different overall design including a unique die cut corner allowing for a stack of sticky notes to be accessible on every page and a utilization of heavy text weight, recycled, paper which serves an aesthetic, functional, and conservational purpose toward the overall value of the planner. The Lala Letter brand targets the largest segment of current planner users providing a useful planner design innovation, without sacrificing style and utility at a competitive price. This thesis and business plan will highlight the details of successfully executing and promoting the Lala Letter brand.

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