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Undergraduate Thesis


Pharmacy Administration

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Sandra Bentley

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Investigators measured students' needs for healthcare services during their transition from pediatric to adult healthcare at The University of Mississippi. Also, investigators examined chronically ill students' adherence to their conditions needs and measured a baseline of college freshman's knowledge about healthcare. Data was collected using a self-administered cross-sectional survey online through Qualtrics. This study was divided into four focuses in order to assess the subject's health status, health knowledge, healthcare practices, and barriers to transitioning. The investigator found that most of the students' health status compares to the national average with minor differences, a number of students have little knowledge about their health, a significant portion of students have bad healthcare practices, and a small but significant proportion of students reported having barriers to transitioning. The investigators concluded that students at The University of Mississippi would benefit from organizations or departments on campus setting up services for the students to go to that will educate them on their health, teach them how to self-manage their health and use health services, and reduce any barriers that the students have in communicating with their doctors. Additional studies need to be done to compare the college student's knowledge about healthcare. These studies need to be expanded to all classes along with being conducted at other universities. The additional studies need to re-evaluate the survey and focus more on why student's academic performance is affected differently by disease/injury so that schools can develop programs to help reduce this issue. With these additional studies, the data can be compared at a regional level and more standardized programs can be formed to help the students learn about their healthcare.



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