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The following collection of case studies serves as an overview of important concepts in financial reporting. Every publicly traded company is subject to the same financial accounting standards, meaning these concepts have important real-world applications. The goal of this thesis was to investigate further into the specifics of these concepts to gain a better understanding of their impact on the decision-making processes of these companies. The standards that these companies must follow are not uniformly applied to all companies, so the majority of accountants' work comes from assuring that each company's subjective interpretation of the standards is appropriate. The end goal is to produce a set of financial statements that are free of any material misstatements to be used and analyzed by potential investors. Each section herein contains a different case, each containing a unique accounting issue that was evaluated and solved on an individual basis using financial accounting knowledge, official codification, and some independent research. As a result of doing this study, my familiarity with not only the accounting concepts, but also the tools used in public accounting, like Microsoft Excel, has given me a head start on my peers who did not go through the same course of study.

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