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Undergraduate Thesis



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Victoria Dickinson

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This thesis contains twelve accounting-related case studies completed in Accounting 420: Independent Studies, a two-semester thesis course taught by Dr. Victoria Dickinson. For most cases, students were given access to case materials that provided brief descriptions of real companies along with the companies’ financial statements and related footnotes. The cases also provided conceptual, procedural, and analytical questions for students to answer; completing a case study entailed answering the questions selected by Dr. Dickinson and writing a brief introduction to the case. Students were given time in class to work in small groups to start answering the case questions. Students used their accounting knowledge, the case materials, their accounting textbooks, and, occasionally, online resources to answer the questions. Once the allotted class period ended, students completed the remainder of their cases on their own, wrote the brief introductions, and applied appropriate formatting. Dr. Dickinson and her teaching assistant then provided feedback for improvement. Through this process, I enhanced my financial accounting knowledge, strengthened my critical-thinking abilities, and developed my communication skills. Furthermore, I learned that financial accounting is a complex, fascinating topic that will require extensive exposure to real-world scenarios to master.

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