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The Fly / Jimmy Macbeath; The Cottage Where Burns Was Born / Jimmy Macbeath; The Ball o' Kerrymuir / Jimmy Macbeath; John Anderson My Jo John / Jimmy Macbeath; Wid Ye Milk Me / Jimmy Robertson; Ricky Dum Doo / Avonia Stewart; Do it When You're Young / Neil Robertson; The Song of Colors / Jean Robertson; The Old Gray Flanner Drawers / Alan Brown; Tam Booey / Duncan McPhee; The Lobster / Arthur Argo; Three Aul' Whores / Arthur Argo; The Wheel / Arthur Argo; Poor Wee Lady Chat / Arthur Argo; The Ballad of a Cuckold / Ed McCurdy; The Ball of Ballymure / Cisco Huston; The Sexual Life of a Camel / Cisco Huston; The Leigh Valley / Cisco Huston; The Old Sea Crab / Richard Dyer-Bennett; The Tailor's Boy / Richard Dyer-Bennett; Oh Freeda / Pete Seeger; The Ball of Ballymure / Pete Seeger

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Goldstein, Kenneth S., 1927-1995; Folk music; Ballads; Bawdy songs

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