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New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture


New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture



When the University of North Carolina Press joined with the Center for the Study of Southern Culture at the University of Mississippi to publish the Encyclopedia of Southern Culture in 1989, a pioneering reference work was born. The first reference book to deal exclusively with an American regional culture, the Encyclopedia has served as a model for many similar projects at the state and regional levels. In the years since the Encyclopedia was published, globalization, economic transformations, and other cultural shifts have profoundly changed the South. Now, the Press and the Center have come together again to publish The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture, a thoroughly revised and updated edition of the original reference that reflects these changes and the newest scholarship about the region. This edition is published as a series of 24 individual volumes based on the thematic sections of the original Encyclopedia. The series is now complete, and all 24 volumes are now available as E-books. Volume 1: Religion Volume 2: Geography Volume 3: History Volume 4: Myth, Manners, and Memory Volume 5: Language Volume 6: Ethnicity Volume 7: Foodways Volume 8: Environment Volume 9: Literature Volume 10: Law and Politics Volume 11: Agriculture and Industry Volume 12: Music Volume 13: Gender Volume 14: Folklife Volume 15: Urbanization Volume 16: Sports and Recreation Volume 17: Education Volume 18: Media Volume 19: Violence Volume 20: Social Class Volume 21: Art and Architecture Volume 22: Science and Medicine Volume 23: Folk Art Volume 24: Race



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New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture