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Lynette Stark


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By Lynette Stark Harcourt, Brace (School & Library Binding, $17.00, ISBN: 0152023852, 10/2000) Reading level: Young adult Heart Colony, founded as a Mennonite community striving to be close to God and nature, becomes a place of fear, denial, and injustice under the cruel and evil direction of a new leader, Hezekiel Whittenstone. Sarah Ruth Heart wants one simple thing―to compete in the countywide spelling bee―but her uncle Hezekiel refuses to allow it. Sarah Ruth struggles with her desire to attend school and compete in the spelling bee, to be attractive to the boy she secretly likes, and to overstep the boundaries dictated by the repressive Hezekiel. Her secret rebellion brings danger to herself and her family, and Sarah Ruth is forced to make difficult decisions about her future―with consequences that are more far-reaching than she ever could have imagined. Lynette Stark has taught high school and junior high school for sixteen years. She lives in Mississippi. Escape from Heart is her first novel.

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