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A Novel by Larry Brown Algonquin Books (Hardcover: $22.95, ISBN: 1565120140, 9/1996; Henry Holt Reprint Edition; Paperback, $13.00, ISBN: 0805053034, 9/1997) Larry Brown is the master of the raw and the sparse and of bringing Mississippi to the world in a language that is as stripped down and bare as Faulkner's is dense. Brown is at his best when he writes of the tensions between one screwed-up man and another, in this case a father and son. One has just been let out of prison, and he shouldn't have been. The other is drunk and disabled, and intends on staying that way. To make things worse there is a conflict with the sheriff, who is good and righteous, but who tried to put the moves on the parolee's woman while he was in prison. To tell more would be to violate Brown's mastery of dialogue and of that which goes unspoken in this sly story of father, son and misery.

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