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Short Stories edited by Shannon Ravenel; stories by William Faulkner, Ellen Douglas, et al. Algonquin ($10.95, ISBN: 1565121554, 9/1996) Now in its 11th year, this book has become the annual anthology to watch. The stories featured here continue the tradition of excellence, presenting the work of exciting newcomers alongside that of the established masters. This year's volume includes "Rose of Lebanon," a new story by the colossus of Southern literature―William Faulkner. Midwest Book Review: The jewel in the crown of this superlative "1996 Year's Best" short story anthology is a new story never before published in book form by William Faulkner. The work of the other contributors measures up to the best that Faulkner had to offer in his prime. Moira Crone, Jill McCorkle, Marcia Guthridge, Robert Olen Butler, Susan Perabo, Annette Sanford, Lee Smith, Kathy Flann, Robert Morgan, Tim Gautreaux, David Gilbert, Tom Paine, J. D. Dolan, and Ellen Douglas all have one thing in common with the legendary Faulkner―they tell a story so well that the reader is caught up in the lives and events and characters from the first word to the last. New Stories from the South: The Year's Best, 1996 is a "must" for all Faulkner fans, and will introduce readers to a galaxy of new names whose work is to be read just as enthusiastically!

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