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Phil Hardwick


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By Phil Hardwick Quail Ridge Press (Paperback, $9.95, ISBN: 1893062406, 10/2002) Jack Boulder’s personal world comes apart after his high school sweetheart rejects his marriage proposal, a police officer issues him a speeding ticket and he gets arrested for murder—all in the same day. He can do little about the first two problems, but Mississippi’s premier private investigator faces prosecution for a crime he did not commit unless he finds out who really killed a local baseball coach. His clues are found in cryptic messages based on the score in the top of the sixth inning of certain games at Snowden Grove Park, a youth baseball Mecca in Southaven, Mississippi. Phil Hardwick loves a good mystery. Early in his career he solved real ones as a police officer and state investigator. Sixth Inning in Southaven is the ninth volume in his Mississippi Mysteries Series, a collection of exciting novellas which unfold in various locations throughout Mississippi. Phil is an award-winning columnist whose column appears in the Mississippi Business Journal. He and his family reside in Jackson.

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