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Alan Huffman


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By Alan Huffman University Press of Mississippi (Hardcover; $35.00; ISBN: 1578060001, 11/1997) "Ten Point is basically an illustrated history of a group of people who found themselves at a crossroads―where the frontier of the old South and 20th century progress temporarily coexisted, and then collapsed upon one another in the Mississippi Delta. The story of Ten Point Deer Club illustrates one aspect of southern culture that has been very little documented―the relationships between people and the woods and with others of like minds. Most books on southern culture focus on the Civil War or civil rights, yet hunting and fishing are probably of greater interest to a larger number of southerners, and unfortunately, few have traditionally photographed those past-times or written about them. Ten Point and the big woods in which it nestled―where Teddy Roosevelt once hunted bear, and which Faulkner described as the last holdout of the Delta wilderness―are now sadly gone. But in these photographs, a way of life there and elsewhere in the South endures. My job was simply to tell the story, to fill in the blanks between the captions of my grandmother's photographs, which were taken during the final years of the Delta's big woods between the 1920s and the 1960s."

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