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John Armistead


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Juvenile Fiction by John Armistead Milkweed Editions (Hardcover, $15.95, ISBN: 1571316264; Paperback, $6.95, ISBN: 1571316256, 5/2000) It's the summer of 1955, and George's grandmother has hired him to work at her home in southern Alabama so he can earn money for a motorcycle. During the summer, 12-year-old George, who is white, reunites with two black friends, who work with George as a team to unravel a mystery underlined by racism and tragedy. The comfortably paced plot pulls readers in with plenty of intriguing characters, both despicable and poignant―among them, a disfigured old woman, a vicious attack-dog trainer, and a bewitching lunatic―who take on significant roles in the solid plot. Armistead is in expert control of both story and characters, and he creates emotional impact without sensationalizing or sentimentalizing the deeply sad, affecting events that have befallen the people in George's small town. ―Roger Leslie. Booklist. Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved

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