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George Thatcher


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By George Thatcher Quail Ridge Press (Hardcover, $9.95, ISBN: 0937552976, 11/1998) The beach and the open sea offer a special opportunity to find spiritual pleasure. George Thatcher has fully utilized this opportunity. The retired banker and Gulfport resident records his daily beach walks in a column that runs daily in The Sun Herald (Biloxi). His entries are brief―but they capture the memorable impressions of his daily sojourns. Throughout the seasons, sometimes at sunrise, sometimes at sunset, his sensitive eye and acute consciousness enable us all to experience the special joys of the beach and all its wonder. Unlike the piston-armed walker with the stopwatch to time his paces, Thatcher observes the subtle vignettes of the beach. His focus may be on a conch shell one day, while on another evening, the wonder of a sea turtle burying her eggs may inspire him. "A beach walk offers a bit of peace in a busy world. Amid spectacular seascapes, there is opportunity to consider one's own interior landscapes...." ―George Thatcher

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