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By Clifton L. Taulbert Council Oak Books (Hardcover, $15.95, ISBN: 157178117X, 10/2002) Clifton Taulbert wanted to give his twenty-year-old son Marshall a present that would carry lasting meaning. But how could he surpass the possessions and experiences Marshall already enjoyed—nice cars, spring break in Cancun? All light years from his own humble childhood in the rural south, recalled in his bestselling memoir, Once Upon a Time When We Were Colored. The gift Taulbert decided to give his son wasn’t the one most twenty-year-olds would immediately appreciate: he would take his son on a journey home to meet the people of rural Glen Allan, Mississippi—neighbors and friends whose insights and kindnesses had nurtured Taulbert through his childhood. This is the tale of a caring father determined to help his affluent son understand some of the meaning of family, community and love.

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