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Nonfiction by Rick Bass Lyons Press (Hardcover, $18.95, ISBN: 1558216979, 10/1998; Paperback, $14.95, ISBN: 1585742651, 3/2001; Paperback, $14.95, ISBN: 1599212285, 9/2007) "I'd rather try to protect an undesignated wilderness area than spend energy on lobbying for the return of some single species," Bass declares, describing plans for the release of nearly a dozen Mexican wolves (lobos) in the Blue Mountains of Arizona. Concern for the larger ecosystem is clear as Bass scans the overgrazed Arizona environment, scientists' efforts to ready wolves raised in captivity for the wild, and the positions of ranchers and environmentalists. Here, as in The Ninemile Wolves (1992) and The Sky, the Stars, the Wilderness, Bass' involving descriptions of the lobos and their home in the mountains explain the interaction between species preservation and ecological recovery. Committed as this skilled nature writer is to restoration of the wilderness and endangered species, he urges attention to broader issues: "We must take care of the wolves and yet concern ourselves, too, with the rest of the system ... without compromising our beliefs and values." ―Mary Carroll.

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