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Joyce A. Ladner


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Nonfiction by Joyce A. Ladner John Wiley & Sons (Hardcover, $22.95, ISBN: 0471199532, 1/1999; Paperback, $14.95, ISBN: 0471199532, 12/2000) How do we strengthen our children's souls? How do we fortify them with a sense of obligation, hope, faith, trust, and a burning desire to achieve? In this wise and important book, you will discover unlimited answers that are yours for the taking―the keys to raising children with strong values and a positive sense of purpose and identity. Today's children―many of them blessed with more material wealth and education than any generation before―greet the world with a sense of uneasiness at best, and, at worst, a sense of despair. In The Ties That Bind, Dr. Joyce Ladner, an eminent sociologist, shows how we can empower more children with the self-confidence that will sustain them throughout their lives. Keeping the promise of her own tradition-rich Mississippi upbringing, Dr. Ladner passes on the timeless treasure of African American values. A leading scholar and activist, she reveals how each generation taught the next a vital set of lessons in values. Drawing insight from everyday heroes, family stories, and personal experiences as a mother of a growing son, she brings those lessons to life and shapes them for our times. Step by step, she teaches the authentic principles of the historic black value system. Finally, she demonstrates how you can pass on this legacy in a way that children will absorb through dozens of simple, everyday activities for home, church, school, and community life. The Ties That Bind will help you give your children the foundation they need through their growing years and beyond. Let this enriching book with its healing lessons guide and nourish your family.

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