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Text by Frederick Barthelme, photographs by Susan Lipper powerHouse (Hardcover, $45.00, ISBN: 1576870510, 12/1999) trip is celebrated Grapevine photographer Susan Lipper and distinctive prose stylist Frederick Barthelme's new, conceptually ambitious artists' book: an assembled narrative of a fictional road trip in America, destination and starting point unknown. Adrift. The date is the present, but only slightly so. The viewer is cast without aid amongst snatches of text and vernacular objects, staged or found, that render the landscape neither familiar nor foreign. Semiotic interplay is introduced with seemingly objective signs and symbols, readable in a traditional sense, yet what meanings do they serve here? Re-appropriating the documentary tradition of road photography, Lipper and Barthelme's "trip" is a new American narrative, perfectly suited for our hyper-mediating times, and is by turns arcanely sophisticated, solipsistically funny, resolutely urbane, and grammatically hokey. An accessible joyride on many levels, trip is destined to become a landmark photography book. trip will be the subject of an exhibition at the New Orleans Museum of Art in November, 1999.

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