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Nonfiction by Clifton L. Taulbert Penguin (Paperback, $9.95, ISBN: 0140266763, 1/1999) Clifton L. Taulbert is renowned for his poignant memoirs about growing up in the segregated South and for his lectures and programs in schools, businesses, and communities throughout the world. In this inspiring handbook he lays out eight basic principles he learned from his elders: a nurturing attitude, dependability, responsibility, friendship, brotherhood, high expectations, courage, and hope. With a new Introduction and exercises for reflection and practice, Taulbert shows how the Eight Habits can be utilized today to help strengthen relationships, families, and communities everywhere. This inspirational book stands alongside The Book of Virtues and Seven Habits of Highly Effective Families as a refreshing and meaningful guide to the spiritual core we, as a society, always seem to be seeking.

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