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The prospect of an administration headed by Donald Trump and the upheaval faced by the nation’s two major parties was among the subjects addressed in a public discussion at the Overby Center for Southern Journalism and Politics. Entitled “What Now?”-- because of the political uncertainty resulting from this month’s election -- a panel considered several critical questions: Will Trump be able to follow through as president on his controversial initiatives? What will be the reaction of Republican leaders who were dubious of the Trump campaign? Will the Democratic Party be forced to reconsider its own priorities after suffering a shocking defeat? Charles Overby, chairman of the center, leads the discussion. Joining him on the panel is Marvin King, a professor of political science and African-American affairs at Ole Miss, and Overby Fellow Curtis Wilkie. Both Overby and Wilkie covered many presidential campaigns as journalists. Overby once served as state chairman of the Tennessee Republican Party, and King has been politically active in Mississippi, serving as a delegate to the Democratic National Convention.

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