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Perry, Ed, 1942-; Ford, Tim, 1951-


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Filmed during the two-day celebration of the 100th anniversary of the dedication of the new Mississippi state capitol building. Speeches by Bishop Charles Galloway and former Governor A. H. Longino were reenacted. The Honorable Ed Perry reenacted the famed 1952 Whiskey speech of Noah S. Soggy Sweat of Corinth, Miss. Also includes 1903 and 2003: an overview, presented by David G. Sansing. Speakers include: The Honorable Tim Ford (Speaker, Mississippi House of Representatives), the Honorable Ed Perry (Clerk, Mississippi House of Representatives), John Maxwell (actor), Clay F. Lee (Bishop retired, United Methodist Church, Jackson, Miss.), David G. Sansing (Professor of History Emeritus, University of Mississippi), Elbert R. Hilliard (director, Mississippi Department of Archives and History).

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Sweat, Noah S., 1922-1996 -- Oratory; Longino, A. H. (Andrew Houston), 1855-1942 -- Oratory; Galloway, Charles B. (Charles Betts), 1849-1909 -- Oratory; Mississippi State Capitol (Jackson, Miss. : 1903) -- Centennial celebrations, etc; Mississippi -- Capital and capitol -- Centennial celebrations, etc; Jackson (Miss.) -- Buildings, structures, etc;

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Ed Perry Collection (MUM01707), Archives & Special Collections, University of Mississippi Libraries


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