Queer Mississippi (Complete Collection)

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Memphis (Tenn.)


Joshua Kemp Brinleee, born in Morgan City, Louisiana and currently resides in Memphis, TN, discusses his experiences in the South as a gay man. As the Assistant Professor Foundations Coordinator in the Art and Art History department at the University of Mississippi, Brinlee explains his own methods, processes, and ideas behind his artwork. Discussing in detail, Brinlee explains motifs such as gender and identity (while also focusing on masculinity and what it means to be “masculine”). Brinlee also recounts family life, his relationship to religion as an Atheist, and his experiences navigating being queer in school. Brinlee also discusses the LGBTQ community as a whole, and how it’s easy to feel ostracized within the community, not only for himself, but other LGBTQ members as a whole.

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Additional files include: data sheet, photo, audio file, LGBTQ History Proposal and Research.

Note: audio file and transcript of interview have been embargoed; it is not available to the public without express permission of the author until June 11, 2030.


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Data Sheet

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Photo of Josh Brinlee