Most Recent Additions*


Cozart, Kevin (part 2 of 2)
Kevin Cozart and David Hooper Schultz


Pamphlet proofs: Invisible Histories Mississippi
Amy McDowell and Jessica Wilkerson


Swerve South Podcast: An introduction to the Invisible Histories Project
Jaime Harker, Amy McDowell, and Jessica Wilkerson


Tupelo Pride 2019 Exhibit
Amy McDowell, Maddie Shappley, and David Hooper Schultz


Gordon, Pip
Pip Gordon and Ellie Campbell


Cogar, Jessica
Jessica Cogar and Christina Alison Huff


Brock, Greg
Greg Brock and William Timothy Stribling


Cantrell, Jaime
Jaime Cantrell and Kaimara Herron


Dottley, Jason
Jason Dottley and Kevin Cozart


Brinlee, Josh
Josh Brinlee and Christina Alison Huff


Cozart, Kevin (part 1 of 2)
Kevin Cozart and David Hooper Schultz


Grimes, Dixie
Dixie Grimes and Mary Knight


Whisenant, Brian
Brian Whisenant and Jonathan Smith


Sullivan, Betty
Betty Sullivan and Kevin Cozart


Walden, Cecil Price
Cecil Price Walden and Carlynn L. Crosby


Miller, Pat
Pat Miller and Cecelia L. Parks

*Updated as of 05/27/20.