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AICPA Tort Reform Handbook: A Guide for State Societies
American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Subcommittee on Accountants' Legal Liability


Some Evils of Competition
A. P. Richardson and American Association of Public Accountants


Closing Party and Signing
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Picnic at Rowan Oak
Conference Attendees


Walk Through Bailey's Woods
Conference Attendees


Panel. The Region, The Globe, The Cosmopolitan
Sarah Gleeson-White, Pardis Dabashi, Robert Jackson, and Michael Zeitlin


Panel. Subversive, Transnational, and Functional Genealogies
George Porter Thomas, Hyoseol Ha, and Terrell L. Tebbetts


Panel. Family Beyond Fiction
Tyler Mercer, Chris Dieman, Yuko Yamamoto, and Mariana Sonntag Whitmer


Panel. Family as Fate and Fantasm
Kristi Rowan Humphreys, Maude Hines, and Anne MacMaster


Cocktail Party
Conference Attendees


Panel. Space, Place, and Race: Geography and Genealogy in Faulkner's Yoknapatawpha
Taylor Hagood, Jennie J. Joiner, and Rebecca S. Nisetich


Panel. Toxic, Contagious, and Stressed: Family Pressures in Faulkner
Geri Harmon, Margaret Mauk, Michael Wainright, and Maxwell Cassity


Panel. Breeding, Feuding, and Forging Families
Isadora J. Wagner, Wallis H. Tinnie, and Jeff Allred

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