Sidna Brower Mitchell Photographs and Scrapbook

Sidna Brower (later Mitchell) served as editor of the The Mississippian, the University of Mississippi's student newspaper, during the 1962 integration of the university. She wrote an editorial titled "Violence will not help" in response to the riots that were erupting on campus. The editorial earned Brower a nomination for a Pulitzer Prize, and attracted both praise and criticism from across the South and the United States.

The digital collection contains photographs and a scrapbook taken from a larger collection of Sidna Brower Mitchell's papers, which are described in a finding aid

The photographs include some images of the university’s integration, scenes of the Ole Miss campus, and miscellaneous others, including a photograph of Eudora Welty and one of John Faulkner (brother of William Faulkner). The scrapbook chiefly contains clippings related to the publication of Brower’s controversial editorial.

Images from the collection (L to R): Sidna Brower with newspaper (1962); Sidna Brower Mitchell Scrapbook, page 10 (1962-1963)


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