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Cover: drawing of African American male musicians; photo inset of singer Patricola; Publisher: Goodman and Rose Inc. (New York)

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Songs -- United States -- 20th Century; Popular Music -- United States

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Sheldon Harris Collection (MUM00682), Archives and Special Collections, University of Mississippi Libraries


First verse
Some folks got a habit for sleepin', Some folks got a habit to snore, But I got a habit for just one thing, That's struttin' on a ballroom floor. My own Sweetie saw me Fox-Trottin' at a swell affair; Got mad, bad and ev'rything, But I just said I don't care. I've
got my habits on Lawd knows, it's on me good and strong Can't help it. When that trombone moans I forget about home. With something on my arms, Lookin' pretty, just a bunch of charms, Cute and witty, Can't you see I'm gettin' hot; Leader man, Don't you stop. Now, sure as you are born Dog gone I've got my habits onn. I got my habits on Ain't got a bunion or a corn My feet are haarmless, as a rule I'm a struttinn' ole fool. I cleans up in a hall, And I spreads my stuff at ev'ry ball Say I've got em on the square, I am there; I'm a wang, I'm a bear. My shoes are out of paywn Dog gone I've got my habits on.
Second verse
Folks, I'm just a glutton for struttin'; No time have I had quite enough. I spose I am something like strut Miss Lizzie, crazy bout the jazzy stuff. Ragtime music's got em, It's appetizing to the brain. If jazz tunes are not allowed, To my feet they must explain. I've
First Patter
Once I had a habit for Walking the Dog, Did the Jack Rabbit and Sittin' on the Log, Sure got the habit to Ball the Jack, Even did a dance they called the hammer and Tack. Gimme little Shimmie, yes I've stepped them all; I used to do them down at the Strutters' Ball. I've shined my shoes and slicked my clothes. Look out, for I'm on my dancing toes. I've
Second patter
Sister's got a habit, so has my brother. We've got a habit for something or other Dad's got a habit, my Mammy too They've got a habit to beat me black and so blue. Uncle Hezikiah Obediah Burke Has a lazy habit always dodging work. A band passed where I worked today. My boss got sore when he heard me say. I've

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I've Got My Habits On / music by Jimmie Durante; words by Chris Smith and Bob Schafer



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