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Cover: Photos of Gecko, Svengali and Trilby, Mme. Vinard, Little Billee- Taffy- The Laird, Angele and Zou-Zou; Text reads: as sung by Miss Phyllis Neilson-Terry in the play of TRILBY; Publisher: Dana T. Bennett Co. (New York)

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Songs -- United States -- 19th Century; Songs --United States -- 20th Century; Popular Music -- United States

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Sheldon Harris Collection (MUM00682), Archives and Special Collections, University of Mississippi Libraries


First verse
Oh! don't you remember sweet Alice, Ben Bolt, Sweet Alice with hair so brown: She wept with delight when you gave her a smile and trembled with fear at your frown. In the old churchyard in the valley, Ben Bolt, In a corner obscure and alone, They have fitted a slab of granite so gray, And sweet Allice lies under the stone. They have fitted a slab of granite so gray, And sweet Alice lies under the stone.
Second verse
Oh! don't you remember the wood, Ben Bolt, Near the green sunny slope of the hill; Where oft we have sung neath its widespreading shade, And kept time to the click of the mill. The mill has gone to decay, Ben Bolt, And a quiet now reigns all around, See the old reustic portch, with its roses so sweet, Lies scattered and fallen to the ground. See the old rustic porch, with its roses so sweet, Lies scatter'd and fallen to the ground.
Third verse
Oh! don't you remember the school, Ben Bolt, And the Master so kind and so true; And the little

Content Disclaimer

The derogatory terms, images, and ideas that appear in some of this sheet music are not condoned by the University of Mississippi. They do represent the attitudes of a number of Americans at the times the songs were published. As such, it is hoped that the sheet music in this collection can aid students of music, history, and other disciplines to better understand popular American music and racial stereotypes from the 19th- and early 20th-centuries.

Don't You Remember or Ben Bolt / music by Nelson Kneass; words by Thomas Dunn English