Summer Undergraduate Research Experience Fellowships: Student Presentations 2020

Fellows selected for UM's Summer Undergraduate Research Experience program conduct research or creative scholarship projects for nine weeks over the summer term with a faculty mentor. Ideally, each project will lead to a publishable paper or the production of a creative work.

Research presentations were made on July 24, 2020. The following students were recognized, based on popular vote:

  • Most Demonstrated Accomplishment over the Summer: Carson Schmitz, Jessica Hall (TIE)
  • Most Interesting/Engaging Presentation: Ali Buchanan
  • Most Creative or Professional Presentation: Akhil Alasandagutti, Claire Harper (TIE)
  • Best In Show: Jessica Hall



Computing Projection Distance Correlations, Radhakrishna Adhikari and Xin Dang

Improving Automated Diagnosis of Pigmented Skin Lesions toward Melanoma Detection using a Hybrid Approach, Akhil Alasanaguttti and Dawn Wilkins

The Dark Triad and Friendships: Daily Social Interactions, Ali Buchanan and Carrie Smith

Dimensionality Reduction to Enhance Malaria Infected Cell Classification, Aayush Dhakhal and Yixin Chen

Light and Heavy Verb Production across Discourse Elicitation Tasks in People with Nonfluent Aphasia, Jessica Hall and Hyejin Park


Early Intervention Evaluations and Therapy, Claire Harper and Myriam Kornisch

Archaeological Analysis of an Early Mississippian Frontier Structure in Southwestern Virginia, Sophie Husslein and Maureen Meyers

Race and Anxiety as Predictors of E-cigarette Use in College and Community Samples, Carson Schmitz and Laura Dixon

Measuring Markers of Oxidative Stress from Fine Particulate Matter, Allie Sidwell and Courtney Roper


Experimental Data Mining for Damage Detection in Reinforced Concrete Structures, Sydney Warren and Elizabeth Erwin

An Analysis of Human Risk Aversion and Irrationality in Driving, Morgan Williams and Mark Van Boening