Engagement is the Answer! Cross-Cultural Lessons in Life and Psychology

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In a global, multicultural world, Dr. Laura R. Johnson claims that everyday interactions are cross-cultural and that positive engagement is the answer to a peaceful society. Laura shares tips for the viewer’s own cross-cultural journey by offering intriguing images and stories from her life and work in international psychology. From being mistaken for a dead person, to collaborating with traditional healers, and working with refugees, Laura illuminates the stunning bias in psychology and encourages us to connect, care and collaborate with others. Dr. Laura R. Johnson is an associate professor of psychology at the University of Mississippi where she mentors PhD students, teaches multicultural, environmental and clinical psychology, intercultural communication, human sexuality and study abroad in Tanzania. Laura’s research is transnational, spanning cultural, conservation and peace psychology with a focus on positive youth development and community participation. Laura received two US Fulbright grants and two National Geographic Conservation Trust grants for research with East African youth and an Institute of International Education grant to provide intercultural training to US students. She has published book chapters and journal articles in cultural competence, cultural issues in children, international students, youth development, ethnopolitical conflict, and environmental action. Laura was an international student in Kenya and Peace Corps volunteer in Papua New Guinea before completing a PhD at the University of Louisville.

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