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Twenty-seven Demands: A Staged Reading


Twenty-seven Demands: A Staged Reading



27 Demands: A Staged Reading, written and directed by Peter Wood

After they were arrested following a peaceful protest at Fulton Chapel on February 25, 1970, members of the Black Student Union presented University Administration with a list of "27 demands" of things the University could do to be more inclusive of the African American community. In a dramatic reading of those 50-year-old demands, we see which ones were eventually met, and which ones are still needed.

Jaimee' Mitchell as Alva Ruth Peyton, A'mya Jones as Linnie Bell Liggins, Michela Moore as Henrieese Roberts, Sebastian Davis as Theron Evans, Jr., Noah Greenwood as Paul Jackson, Adam Brown as John Donald

Don Cole as Himself, Kenneth Mayfield as Himself, John Brittain as Himself

Cliff Johnson as Chancellor Porter L. Fortune, Jr.


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Running time: 1 hr 49 min 36 sec

Photo of Peter Wood introducing the staged reading by Christian Johnson, Ole Miss Imaging Services

Twenty-seven Demands: A Staged Reading