NSF-CBMS Conference: L-functions and Multiplicative Number Theory


A conference featuring a series of ten lectures by K. Soundararajan (Stanford University)

Dates and location: May 20-24, 2019, University of Mississippi

Detailed Schedule

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Additional lecturers:

  • Vorrapan Chandee (Kansas State University)
  • Alexandra Florea (Columbia University)
  • Xiannan Li (Kansas State University)
  • Kyle Pratt (University of Illinois)
  • Brad Rodgers (Queen's University)
  • Caroline Turnage-Butterbaugh (Carleton College)
  • Matthew P. Young (Texas A&M University)

The broad theme for the conference will be the value distribution of zeta and L-functions. The lecture series will touch upon several important questions including the maximal size of L-functions, asymptotics for moments of L-values, the distribution of zeros, and non-vanishing of L-functions at special points. Moreover, it will be shown how the techniques used in the study of moments have close counterparts in the understanding of other problems in multiplicative number theory. The lecture series and accompanying monograph will give a broad perspective of this sharply focused research area in a way that will help researchers of all levels understand the major ideas and possible future directions for the field.

Local organizers:

  • Micah B. Milinovich
  • Rizwanur Khan
  • Laura Sheppardson

Sponsored by the Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences with funding from the National Science Foundation

Photo by Dason Pettit/College of Liberal Arts CBMS 2019

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2019 NSF-CBMS Conference: L-functions and Multiplicative Number Theory