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Ph.D. in Business Administration



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Brian J. Reithel

Second Advisor

Walter Davis

Third Advisor

Bart Garner

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This dissertation develops a framework to assess Digital Forensic Readiness (DFR) in organizations. DFR is the state of preparedness to obtain, understand, and present digital evidence when needed. This research collects indicators of digital forensic readiness from a systematic literature review. More than one thousand indicators were found and semantically analyzed to identify the dimensions to where they belong. These dimensions were subjected to a q-sort test and validated using association rules, producing a preliminary framework of DFR for practitioners. By classifying these indicators into dimensions, it was possible to distill them into 71 variables further classified into either extant or perceptual variables. Factor analysis was used to identify latent factors within the two groups of variables. A statistically-based framework to assess DFR is presented, wherein the extant indicators are used as a proxy of the real DFR status and the perceptual factors as the perception of this status.


Emphasis: MIS



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