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M.A. in History


Arch Dalrymple III Department of History

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Charles Reagan Wilson

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Elizabeth A. Payne

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Deirdre Cooper Owens

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The Jim Crow South was a land saturated in religiosity. Emerging from the defeat of the Civil War and the utter oppression of slavery, southerners used religion to make sense of their painful world. This was a time marked by extreme religious conviction that gave way to racial violence. In this study, I will examine the southern lynching culture in the context of southern religion. Specifically I will explore the life, lynching, and legacy of L.Q. Ivy, a young man who was lynched in 1925 in Etta, Mississippi. Ironically in Ivy's case, as well as cases all across the nation, Christianity served as a powerful tool to both support and subvert the South's lynching culture.

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