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M.S. in Engineering Science


Civil Engineering

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Ahmed Al-Ostaz

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A. M. Rajendran

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Alex Cheng

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The following is a summary of research for a portion of the project titled Nano-Enhanced and Bio-Inspired Composite Materials for Mitigation and Protection of TIH Railcars and Stationary Tanks Against High Power Impact. This research investigated several nano-enhanced polymers for their suitability in high-speed impact protection applications. The polymers were tested mechanically to find ideal nano-particle additive percentages then coated onto steel substrates. These coated substrates were impacted using 0.50-caliber projectiles in order to find the ballistic limit (V50) for each combination. Computer modeling in ANSYS AUTODYN was undertaken to calculate a numerical ballistic limit for each plate configuration. The experimental and numerical V50 values were compared to determine the adequacy of the solver to accurately replicate the ballistic limit experiments.


Emphasis: Civil Engineering

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