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M.S. in Engineering Science


Mechanical Engineering

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Tejas Pandya

Second Advisor

Jeffrey Roux

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P. Raju Mantena

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Resources from forests constitute a significant asset of Mississippi State. Forests cover around 19.7 million acres (65%) of the total land area of Mississippi. Total annual economic impact of Mississippi’s forest products is about $17 billion. Creation of high-value products will lead to a number of economic benefits to the region. This work focuses on the study of bio-composite. Bio-composite materials are a ‘Green’ alternative to conventional materials which are readily recyclable and biodegradable. Taylor made properties are achievable in bio-composites, this being one of the significant advantages. Producing biodegradable products has become a necessity due to petroleum-based products being a finite resource and having more potential to harm the environment. In this work, a number of bio-composites were characterized by their mechanical properties. High strain rate behavior under three different strain rates, influence of damage in the natural frequency of the bio-composites, comparison between dynamic modulus of elasticity under flexural vibration and Young's modulus, variation in Poisson's ratio were studied.



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