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Ph.D. in Health and Kinesiology

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Douglas R. Davis

Second Advisor

Ryan Niemeyer

Third Advisor

Jerilou Moore

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The single case study presents the story of the implementation of a three year Coordinated School Health Program (CSHP) at a rural North Mississippi school. The school was recognized by the Mississippi Department of Education, Office of Healthy Schools, as one of ten selected model Mississippi healthy schools. An awarded grant of one hundred thousand dollars funded the implementation of the CSHP over a three year period. The study examined the impact of the CSHP on the students, staff, and personnel. Two types of data were collected and analyzed including archived documents and interviews conducted with five members of the school's health council. The study is the first single case research of a CSHP implemented in a Mississippi school. Upon completion of the three year CSHP, the Bower Foundation selected ten additional schools to implement a CSHP. The case school was invited to share experiences and expertise by mentoring the schools. In 2005, ten schools were identified as healthy schools; in 2010 twenty schools are. The possibilities for CSHP continue.



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