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Ph.D. in Business Administration



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Walter Davis

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Chris Thomas

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Tony Ammeter

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This research considered how the realistic recruitment practices of Realistic Job Preview (RJP) and Expectation Lowering Procedure (ELP) may assist employees in reducing perceptions of Work-Family Conflict (WFC). This relationship was theorized as indirect, with Met Expectations mediating the relationship between realistic recruitment and WFC. As such, the current research sheds new light on a protective antecedent of WFC. Furthermore, the disposition of work-family centrality was tested also hypothesized to moderate the relationship between realistic recruitment and Met Expectations. Three studies were conducted in order to empirically test the hypothesized relationships. Study 1 was a cross-sectional survey utilizing a broad sample of working adults. Study 2 sampled employees of a public school district in the Southeastern United States using a similar cross-sectional survey to Study 1. Study 3, also using a broad sample of working adults, was experimental in nature and randomly assigned participants to one of four conditions. Results across all three studies provide initial support for RJP and ELP being protective antecedents of WFC. That is, those individuals who received a realistic recruitment tended to have fewer perceptions of WFC. This relationship was found to be both full mediated through Met Expectations (Study 1) and partially mediated via Met Expectations (Study 2). Implications for theory, practice, and future research are discussed.


Emphasis: Management



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