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Ph.D. in Engineering Science

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Pamela B. Lawhead

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Eddy Langendoen

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Yixin Chen

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Many models exist that predict channel morphology. Channel morphology is defined as the change in geometric parameters of a river. Channel morphology is affected by many factors. Some of these factors are caused either by man or by nature. To combat the adverse effects that man and nature may cause to a water system, scientists and engineers develop stream rehabilitation plans. Stream rehabilitation as defined by Shields et al., states that "restoration is the return from a degraded ecosystem back to a close approximation of its remaining natural potential" [Shields et al., 2003]. Engineers construct plans that will restore streams back to their natural state by using techniques such as field investigation, analytical models, or numerical models. Each of these techniques is applied to projects based on specified criteria, objectives, and the expertise of the individuals devising the plan. The utilization of analytical and numerical models can be difficult, for many reasons, one of which is the intuitiveness of the modeling process. Many numerical models exist in the field of hydraulic engineering, fluvial geomorphology, landscape architecture, and stream ecology that evaluate and formulate stream rehabilitation plans. This dissertation will explore, in the field of "Hydroscience", the creation of models that are not only accurate but also span the different disciplines. The goal of this dissertation is to transform a discrete numerical model (CONCEPTS) into a realistic 3D environment using open source game engines, while at the same time, conveying at least the equivalent information that was presented in the 1D numerical model.


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