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Alan L. Spurgeon

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Susan McClelland

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Debra L. Spurgeon

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The purpose of this study is to examine the Piano Adventures method books written by Randall and Nancy Faber. The series was thoroughly researched and developed for ten years before it was published in 1993. Since that time, the series has been enhanced and has added numerous additional books of repertoire, technique, and improvisation. An online application has been created to help not only students, but also to provide teaching tools and guides for teachers. With the inclusion of technology at the forefront of all education, the Faber series has opened the door for students through a new approach that connects the student with online videos and accompaniments that foster continued interest and development of piano skills. An in-depth interview with Dr. Randall Faber explains their mission and purpose of the method with a focus on competence, motivation, and reinforcement. A survey was also given to 103 piano teachers in Mississippi in order to gauge their opinions on the Piano Adventures series with its multi-key approach, diverse repertoire, and approach to technique and artistry. The study indicates the wide use of the series, the importance of the variety of repertoire, and the unique feature of the Technique and Artistry books

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